Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodbye Ardabil Carpet

The famous Ardabil carpet will be on display until September 5, 2011 in LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I encourage everyone who can to visit this magnificent carpet before it is removed from the display and put is rest in a tube in vacuum in the treasure basement of the museum for another few years.

I have visited this rug 4 times this past few weeks and each time I enjoyed seeing it even more. It is strange because every time I go to visit the Ardabil carpet, I would like to take pictures. Usually the security guards say you cannot use flash. This time, the guard who was very strict said you cannot take pictures at all!


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  2. Hello

    Thanks for the photos, merci

    Very beautiful images, there are many images of his twin in V&A http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/a/ardabil-carpet/ but we have less of this one of LACMA.

    I love these rugs thanks again

    jamshid rowshan

  3. Good job man.. For further details go to Ruckstuhl or click on the given link in this line..