Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ardabil Carpet and Gift of the Sultan Exhibition

The great Ardabil carpet is on display as a part of Gift of the Sultan exhibition in Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA. I have visited this beautiful carpet several times in the past few weeks. In my earlier visits, the security guards were easy people and did not prevent taking pictures without flash. This last time, the security guard was a tough guy and did not let me take pictures without flash. I could take limited pictures whenever he was busy with something. But my camera made a noise each time I took pictures and this was making him upset.

Anyway I am posting these exclusive pictures of the Ardabil carpet here.

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  1. Hello

    Thanks for the photos, next time set your camera on "meuseum setting" no noise at all, every digital camera has this option now.

    jamshid rowshan
    madrid spain